Monday 17 February 2020

agFM v1.13 now available

v1.13 2020-02-17 
  1. File extensions of .isodef, .isodefault, .isodd, .iso01, .iso32, .iso64, .isoPE or .isoPE01 will now immediately boot the ISO (using Easy2Boot\partnew method).
  2. Add diagnostic menu entry to users startup_menu.txt.
  3. Support E2B-style MBR-booting of .iso* and .wim files which have spaces in their filenames.
  4. Display grub2 menu icons in menu after selecting the ISO (e.g. Manjaro ISO will display Manjaro icon after selection).
  5. Clear empty type 0 partitions on boot.
  6. Various bug fixes in a1ives grub2 and File Manager.
Most Linux iso will boot if you give them a file extension of .isodef (or .isodefault) in both agFM and E2B menu system. If you leave them as .iso, you will need to pick the required boot method from a secondary agFM menu.

Download Area for agFM Beta here.

If you require a different language, extract and overwrite the files using one of the language .zip files from the Languages sub-folder - Note: you must update to v1.13 first.

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