Tuesday 18 February 2020

rev 2.15 of eBook #1 How to make a multiboot USB drive using Easy2Boot now available

The new version has a few small revisions.

Getting started with Easy2Boot_rev2.15.pdf

Use the download link in the email that was sent to you if you want this version.


  1. Replies
    1. Did you read the last line of the blog?
      find the Payhip email and use the link to download the latest version.

    2. Last version I could download was Getting_started_with_Easy2Boot_rev2.13.pdf. Now the E-Mail-Link says: "You have exceeded your download attempts, please contact the seller or contact@payhip.com"

    3. Please contact me (steve @ easy2boot dot com) and send me the email receipt and I will reset the download counter for you.

    4. I don´t have the email any more, can you send this to me?

    5. sure - but you need to tell me your email address! So email me.