Monday 10 February 2020

A1ive grub2 File Manager v1.7/1.7A available (with .imgPTN support built-in)

a1ive has now added support for user-definable file extensions, so agFM v1.7A now automatically recognises the following extra file extensions:
  • .imgPTN
  • .imgPTN23
  • .imgPTNauto
  • .imgPTN23auto
v1.7A has fixed some path errors in a few examle .cfg files.

It will automatically recognise an NTFS or FAT32 image so there is no need to make a .cfg file for each .imgPTN file - just select it in the agFM menu and switch to it.

v1.7 also has a bug fix (if you selected a dual 32-bit/64-bit Windows ISO, it added the 'Install' menu entries into the XML menu list).

This means you can switch in your .imgPTN files from agFM and afterwards switch back to the E2B partition using \RESTORE_E2B.cfg.

I have also added a Languages folder in the Alternate Download Area which contains a replacement grubfmx64.efi file. For instance, if you wanted the agFM in German for UEFI64, then replace \grubfmx64.efi in the root of the 2nd FAT32 partition with the file that is inside grubfm-de_DE.7z.

The \grubfmia32.efi file should be copied to and replace \EFI\BOOT\grubia32.efi.


  1. perfect I am very excited about this A1ive grub2 File Manger integration. But for me there is one criterion that should be fulfilled:

    there is the possibility to set a menu entry on the top level, e.g. Install Windows?

    As I understand it now you have to navigate through the whole tree to the ISO file.

    I look forward to your feedback

    1. You can place .cfg files in the root if you wish - or have a \agFM folder containing .cfg file.
      Also, I hope that a later version of agFM will only display the bootable files (e.g. .iso, .vhd, etc,) and not the other files, e.g. not display .cmd,, .ini, .inf, etc.

  2. Thank you for your quick response.
    Found a little mistake in your manual. In this file:
    "Win10 1909 x64.cfg"
    line: source (memdisk)/boot/grub/rules/iso/ <---- does not work for me
    changed to : source (memdisk)/boot/grubfm/rules/iso/ --> works for me

    For menu entry on top level:
    place .cfg files in the root --> does not work for me
    \agFM folder containing .cfg file --> does not work for me --> works for me but is not on the main level.

    What could I do wrong? Would like to implement your solution "place .cfg files in the root"

    1. Not a mistake! It is because a1ive has changed the folder names in his recent versions!
      re. .cfg files - see

      You obviously need to edit the .cfg file
      So what is in your .cfg fie?

  3. content:

    if cpuid -l; then set CPU=64; else set CPU=32; fi

    if [ "$CPU" == "64" ] ; then
    menuentry "Install Windows 10 1909 x64 Pro Eng" --class=nt6 {

    set "XML=(hd1,msdos1)/W1.xml"
    set "ISO=(hd1,msdos1)/Windows10AIO.iso"

    echo Loading ${ISO}
    set "grubfm_file=${ISO}"
    source (memdisk)/boot/grubfm/rules/iso/
    echo Using ${XML}
    sleep 2
    win_isoboot "(loop)/sources/boot.wim" "${XML}"

    grubfm_open "${grubfm_file}"

    menuentry "Back" {
    grubfm_open "${grubfm_file}"

    1. why hd1 ???? Are you files not on the boot drive ?

  4. this comes from the test in VMWare Workstation. To be able to test USB, a physical hard drive pointing to the USB drive is added

  5. OK - so not using Easy2Boot, not booting from USB, and using a different drive for the source files!
    So what error do you see?

  6. I see no mistakes. What I would like to have is a custom menu entry on the top level. Just on the starting level. e.g. below (hd1,msdon1) [E2B] ndts
    Installing Windows

  7. Win10AIO.iso ??? Is this a standard Microsoft ISO?
    The Install Windows script assumes a standard MS ISO

    if test -f (loop)/sources/boot.wim; then
    xml_list "(loop)/sources/boot.wim";
    if test -f (loop)/x64/sources/boot.wim; then
    menuentry $"Install Windows (x64)" --class nt6 {
    xml_list "(loop)/x64/sources/boot.wim";
    if test -f (loop)/x86/sources/boot.wim; then
    menuentry $"Install Windows (x86)" --class nt6 {
    xml_list "(loop)/x86/sources/boot.wim";

  8. Yes it is a sdt iso have only the following versions in it Pro, Educ., Pro Educ., Pro for Work., Ent. Vol --> which is why AIO
    I can start and install everything perfectly

    use EasyBoot and boot from USB as you have described it here:

    is there a possibility to place an own entry directly on the start screen?

    1. So it is workking?
      agFM is a File Manager, not a menu system. There is no start screen - the first screen just shows all disks and partitions in the system.