Friday 28 February 2020

agFM v1.21 Beta now available

The developer a1ive has yet again done loads of brilliant work and managed to get the contiguous file test working for the partnew command. He has also added multiple language support to the main English version - just press F4 and select a different language or set the language in your user startup_menu.txt file.

F4 Settings Menu (auf Deutsch).

In your startup_menu.txt file, set the desired language:
#set language: en_US, ru_RU, fr_FR, tr_TR, ko_KR, ja_JP, zh_CN, de_DE, he_IL, vi_VN, es_EM, zh_TW
export lang=de_DE

I feel that the UEFI agFM system is getting very near to release status now, so please try it out for yourself.

Try the new version.


  1. Dear Steve Si,
    I have created .mnu file like file “ WIN10_Prompt_for_PCNAME_and_UNAME.mnu”,can you convert this file to boot in a1ive grub2 File manager to install windows 10 ISO in UEFI mode?

    1. For UEFI Secure Boot you would need to use a .imgPTN file and boot from the Microsoft EFI boot file.
      I would suggest that you use SplitWinISO.exe to make the .imgPTN23 file and include the auto.cmd feature. This means you can boot to WinPE and pick any XML file you like from your own menu.
      If you want to modify the XML file, you should make a copy of it and then use the Windows .cmd environment to modify that copy - e.g. use fart.exe.

    2. P.S. fart.exe does not work in WinPE, so I suggest you use jrepl.bat
      e.g. jrepl "UNAME" "Steve" /f MyWin10Pro.xml /o new.xml

    3. Latest agFM now has a new feature to set UNAME and PCNAME in an XML file using a .cfg file.

    4. Thanks, I will follow your instructions.