Wednesday 24 May 2017

Install Chocolatey and Chocolatey packages offline

I have now added a set of files which will install Chocolatey onto a system to the Alternate Downloads Area.
The install package for Chocolatey itself is now in the E2B v1.93 downloads.

It includes the current Chocolatey.nupkg file and a script to install Chocolatey onto a Windows system.

This means you can install Chocolatey and Chocolatey packages completely offline and so the whole SDI_Choco process can be done offline.

Since many app packages are in Chocolatey, you are to pick from 1000's of ready-made install packages.

See the previous blog post for details.

P.S. E2B v1.93 has the required utilities and SDI_CHOCO support for choco offline installs. I have this working and I can now do a completely automated offline install with drivers, WSUS updates and any offline choco apps apps I want with no Ethernet cable attached.

P.P.S. E2B v1.93a BETA and DEMO now contain these scripts, so I have removed the separate downloads from the Alternate Download areas. Download the latest v1.93 instead!

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