Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Add netboot.xyz to E2B and PXE boot

If you want some of the payloads mentioned below (see list), but don't have room on your E2B drive for all of them and you will always boot on a system which has internet access, you can add the small kernel 339KB netboot.xyz.lkrn PXE boot file to your E2B drive and get all of them!

  • Each payload must be downloaded from the internet however, which can take time and sometimes it does abort on download. 
  • You will also need to download AntiVirus updates each time too.
  • You also need a system which has a fair amount of memory.
  • Many linux options are install-only (not LiveCD versions).
  • You can change to 64-bit downloads using the menu entry in the Tools section (see screenshot).
  • Not all the menu entries work, but for just 339KB of file space, it may help in an emergency and should give you access to recent versions without having to update your E2B drive all the time.
Main menu (change to 64-bit payloads)

Utilities Menu

Operating Systems

What Operating Systems are currently available on netboot.xyz?



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