Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Add ASCII art to E2B

If you have a text file which contains ASCII art, you can display it on the E2B boot screen by adding this line to your \_ISO\MyE2B.cfg file:

cat /%grub%/ASCII_E2B.txt && pause --wait=1 > nul

This will display the text file briefly as E2B boots...

The next version of E2B will contain the ASCII_E2B.txt file (but you have to add the line into your MyE2B.cfg file to see it).

If you are displaying lines longer than 79 characters, you will need to switch to 800x600 first to change from the initial boot screen resolution of 640x480 (80x30 characters).

graphicsmode -1 800 ;; cat /%grub%/ASCII_E2B.txt && pause --wait=1 > nul

Make your own ASCII art

There are various websites which can either convert text into ASCII art, or convert a picture into ASCII art.

A quick Google provided these...

Text to ASCII art


Graphics to ASCII art

http://www.ascii-art-generator.org/ - use 99 as width (see screenshot below)
http://www.glassgiant.com/ascii/  - use 80 columns

EZ 2 Boots

An 800x600 screen will give 100 characters across by 37 lines down, however, you must use a maximum of 99 characters width or else you will get alternate blank lines.
Also, if you have 37 rows of text, make sure there is no carriage return at the end of the file so you have exactly 37 lines.

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