Wednesday 24 February 2016

E2B v1.78f available

YaYa has suggested that we could create a floppy disk image (.ima) file containing the animation bitmap files and load the floppy disk image into memory using:

map --mem --read-only /bitmaps.ima (fd3)
map --hook

This means that the files will be quickly accessed from memory and makes for much smoother animation with no continuous access to the USB drive (it can even be unplugged and the animation will still play).

I have added this feature to E2B, so that you can specify a floppy image file as ANIMFD3.

# ANIMATE - displays a sequence - first file must be end in (can be compressed bitmap using gzip or LZMA) - must use .bmp or .jpg as extension
# trans=transparent, infinite=animate on menu or add 1-15 for number of cycles, disable playing menu type=0x0
# 18 delay units = 1 second, x and y in pixels, last = last frame number in sequence
# display sequence on menu (with transparent background)
set trans=0x80 && set infinite=0x10

set /A type=%infinite% + %trans% > nul
# play sequence 3 times immediately
###set /A type=%trans% + 3 > nul
set delay=0x3
set last=09
set x=650
set y=40
# use (bd) for boot drive or (hd0,0), so that if root drive changes it continues to load from correct drive.
# if images are inside a disk image, specify (fd3)
set FILE=(fd3)/frame_0001.bmp
set ANIMATE=%type%=%delay%=%last%=%x%=%y%=%FILE%
set trans= && set infinite= && set delay= && set type= && set last= && set y= && set x= && set FILE=

# If using a floppy disk image (fd3), we must specify the image file
# The floppy disk image is loaded into memory and so the animation is faster and does not constantly access the disk
# ANIMFD3 if a floppy disk image file containing the files - it is mapped to fd3 by E2B
set ANIMFD3=/_ISO/docs/Templates/Animate/E2B_GIF.ima


We can shorten this to two lines:
set ANIMFD3=/_ISO/docs/Templates/Animate/E2B_GIF.ima
set ANIMATE=0x90=3=9=650=40=(fd3)/frame_0001.bmp

The new E2B v.1.78f adds an animated rotating E2B icon by default now.
If you don't want the animation, add the following line to your \_ISO\MyE2B.cfg file:


The relevant web page has been updated here.

Note: In the final release version of v1.78, the default animation will not be seen unless you define an ANIMATE variable in the MyE2B.cfg file.

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