Friday, 26 February 2016

E2B Beta v1.78g now available

E2B v1.78g uses a new grub4dos 0.4.6a version which is not compatible with the previous E2B 1.78 Beta versions when using the STAMP and ANIMATE variables.

Note: See also this blog post for a 120-frame animated model of DNA!

If you are updating an earlier v1.78 which used STAMPn or ANIMATE, please check your MyE2B.cfg file and change the STAMPn and ANIMATE variables - otherwise you may not see any background and other strange things may happen!

E2B v1.78g is in the Alternate Download Areas as usual (see side panel in this blog).

N.B. The syntax has now changed slightly!

For STAMPn we need to add an extra parameter because STAMPs now supports transparent backgrounds:

Note: The top STAMP1 and STAMP2 have a transparent background!

# Specify up to 4 stamps to ovewrite the wallpaper. 
#Format: set STAMPn=type=x=y (filespec), type: 0=normal, 0x80=transparent background
set STAMP1=0x80=584=0    /_ISO/docs/Templates/Animate/easy2boot_stamp.bmp
set STAMP2=0x80=680=160  /_ISO/docs/Templates/Animate/E2B.bmp
set STAMP3=0x00=680=260  /_ISO/docs/Templates/Animate/E2B.bmp
set STAMP4=0x00=680=360  /_ISO/docs/Templates/Animate/E2B.bmp

for the ANIMATE variable we must use a space before the %FILE% specification, and not a = sign as in previous versions.
# ANIMATE - displays a sequence - first file must be end in (can be compressed bitmap using gzip or LZMA) - must use .bmp or .jpg as extension
# trans=transparent, infinite=animate on menu or add 1-15 for number of cycles, disable playing menu type=0x0
# 18 delay units = 1 second, x and y in pixels, last = last frame number in sequence
###set trans=0x80 && set infinite=0x10
# display sequence on menu (with transparent background)
set /A type=%infinite% + %trans% > nul
# play sequence 3 times immediately
###set /A type=%trans% + 3 > nul
set delay=0x3
set last=09
set x=650
set y=40
# use (bd) for boot drive or (hd0,0), so that if root drive changes it continues to load from correct drive.
set FILE=(fd3)/frame_0001.bmp
set ANIMATE=%type%=%delay%=%last%=%x%=%y% %FILE%
set trans= && set infinite= && set delay= && set type= && set last= && set y= && set x= && set FILE=
# If using a floppy image, we must specify the location of the image
# The floppy disk image is loaded into memory and so the animation is faster and does not constantly access the disk
# ANIMFD3 if a floppy disk image file containing the files - it is mapped to fd3 by E2B

set ANIMFD3=/_ISO/docs/Templates/Animate/E2B_GIF.ima

The new v1.78g has a modified MAKE_E2B_USB_DRIVE (run as admin).cmd script and asks the user if they want to add the rotating E2B animated icon to the menu. By default, E2B does not add any stamps or any animation now.

The new official grub4dos version has been uploaded by Yaya here.

I hope to release this as the official v1.78 release soon, so please update your E2B USB drives with it and let me know if you find any problems (but do check your MyE2B.cfg file first if you use ANIMATE or STAMPn variables!).

The E2B page has also been updated here.

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