Friday 12 February 2016

E2B v1.77 released

  • New version of grubinst.exe
  • MAKE_E2B_USB_DRIVE.cmd bugfixes for Removable drive detection and XP Home
  • Switch_E2B v1.0.10
  • E2B_Editor v1.0.83
  • New \_ISO\TXT_Maker.exe utility
  • MOVE_IMGPTN added (see here - Method 4). 
  • If drive is write-protected, now uses ISOBOOT to boot from ISOs.
  • Ophcrack support added to ISOBOOT. 
  • QRUN.g4b warns if xxxx.imPTN file does not precede the second xxxx image partition file (no extension) when switching in two partition images. 
  • Menu system will now ignore .exe files. 
  • Improve QRUN.g4b when error and if E2B disk is not disk 0. 
  • Change all STRINGS.txt menu headings so they don't start with two spaces (users should use HEADPOS in MyE2B.cfg if they want to move the headings). 
  • New Sample mnu files - Q4OS+persistence, openSUSE, AltLinux, WIN98_IMGPTN_INST.mnu, Panda Vaccine AUTORUN.INF fix, redir/redirp and AVG Rescue
MPI Tool Pack v0.062 also available.

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