Saturday, 4 January 2014

Easy2Boot v1.21 available

Small update to DPMS2. If two XP mass storage drivers are found, then a firadisk/winvblock driver was not selected - this resulted in a BSOD. What you should do is use F6 to select the required drivers.
Only two virtual F6 floppies are recognised by XP Setup, therefore we cannot have two default mass storage drivers + a default Firadisk or WinVBlock driver. fd0 can have one default driver and fd1 can have another default driver, but we cannot have 3 default drivers!
I have changed the behaviour now so that one mass storage driver is selected + the firadisk/winvblock driver. However, if the wrong mass storage driver is selected by DPMS2, you will need to press F6 and select the other mass storage driver manually (as well as the firadisk/winvblock driver).
The only way to load  3 or more drivers is to use the F6 key.
V 1.21 of E2B and V1.21 +DPMS2 mass storage drivers are now available.

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