Monday, 20 January 2014

E2B v1.23 available

This version allows you to boot from a different grub4dos bootable drive and then 'chainload boot' to your E2B USB drive. This means that if you use an E2B USB Hard drive, then you could boot from either your E2B USB Hard drive or your E2B Helper USB Flash drive.

Helper drive menu.lst file:

pause --wait=3 Booting from Easy2Boot USB Helper Flash Drive...
find --set-root /_ISO/e2b/grub/menu.lst
chainloader /grldr

Note that to support this, the sample .mnu files in the \_ISO\docs folder have also been changed because the E2B drive will no longer be (hd0,0) and so the partnew commands have been modified to use the correct device name for the E2B drive (e.g. hd2). If you have used any of the sample .mnu files then you will need to update them in order to use this new feature.

If you always boot from the E2B drive then you don't need to change your .mnu files. The standard E2B .mnu files have not changed.

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