Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Combine SARDU with Easy2Boot

To add SARDU to your Easy2Boot menu

1. Make your E2B USB drive as usual
2. Run SARDU and install SARDU plus any ISOs etc. to your E2B drive. This will add a dozen or so files to the root of the E2B drive and also a \SARDU folder.
3. Re-install grub4dos to the PBR using RMPrepUSB
4. Open an Administrator command prompt and navigate to the RMPRepUSB\SYSLINUX\Syslinux_4.06 folder  (tip: you can press F3 in RMPrepUSB to find the folder)
5. At the command prompt type:

syslinux.exe -f   X:   X:\SARDU\sardu.bin

where X: is the drive letter of your Easy2Boot USB drive

6. Create a SARDU.mnu file and add it to the \_ISO\MAINMENU\MNU folder:

title SARDU\n Run SARDU
chainloader /SARDU/sardu.bin

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