Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Easy2Boot 1.24 available

Just a few small changes:

1. If you had an E2B USB HDD and a USB Helper Flash drive and both contained the E2B folders, then LOADISO would try to run ImDisk twice which would cause it to loop. I have added some checks in LOADISO.cmd so that if it is being run from the drive containing WINHELPER.USB or is being run for a 2nd time, it will just exit. If you have problems with the LOADISO blue console window, check that you only have one instance of the E2B folder structure on one drive in the system (which should be the E2B boot drive).

2. Some of the Sample .mnu files in the \_ISO\docs folder had not been updated to use the new ENG folder and use the new %LANG% variable for that folder. These files have now been updated.

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