Monday 7 October 2013

RMPrepUSB and FastFlashTest versions updated

Just a quick note to say that RMPrepUSB has been updated to v2.1.714 and FFT to v1.0.8.

RMPrepUSB 2.1.714 now uses 7zG, the windows GUI version to extract files after the drive has been formatted instead of the console version 7z.exe. Also the 'Make ISO from grub4dos USB drive - Ctrl+M' function has been improved so that the ISO made from a WinPE USB drive will now boot correctly if your USB drive contains \boot\BCD or a boot.wim file (auto detected). You can also add the oscdimg.exe file to the RMPrepUSB\QEMU folder and the Ctrl+M function will automatically use oscdimg to make the ISO file instead of using mkisofs. For instance, if you have a bootable WinPE (Win7/8) USB drive that uses the grub4dos bootmanager to load it, the Ctrl-M function will now make a bootable ISO from it.

FFT 1.0.8 - Quick Test is now even faster at testing fake flash devices (my 'Fake' 16GB now tests in only 27 secs instead of 46 secs for v1.0.7, a good 8GB USB pen now takes 6 minutes instead of 9 minutes).

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