Friday 18 October 2013

Easy2Boot - How to add specific Win7/8 Install ISO entries to the E2B Main Menu

Recently, I was asked if E2B could just jump straight to the Windows menu as he just wanted to use an E2B USB Flash drive for Windows installs. He also wanted to have the different individual ISOs listed in the Main menu.

The best way to just show a 'Windows Install' menu is to de-populate the Main menu by removing all the \_ISO\MAINMENU\*.mnu files that you don't want to be listed in the Main menu, and then add one or more .mnu files for your specific Vista/7/8 Windows Install ISO files using the type of menu entry described in my E2B Tutorial page here (or see below for an example). You can also add the Win XP options too.

You can also specify an XML file using a .mnu file.

In this way we avoid the Windows sub-menus and just use the Main menu. The \_ISO\MAINMENU\ZZWindowsInstall.mnu file is the one responsible for the Windows sub-menu entry in the Main menu, so this can be removed if you don't want it in the Main menu.

If you remove the files and folders in the other \_ISO\xxxx folders, then the DOS, BACKUP and UTILITIES, etc. menus won't be listed in the Main menu as only populated folders are listed. Other entries in the Main menu (set default, F8-10) can be disabled by using a MyE2B.cfg file (see the Sample_MyE2B.cfg file for the available options - use v1.13 or later!).

An example of a .mnu file is shown below:

# Use this for Vista/SVR2K8R2/Win7 ISOs
iftitle [if exist /_ISO/WINDOWS/Win7/Win7_32_SP1.iso] Install Win7 SP1 32-bit \n Install from the ISO
set ISO=Win7_32_SP1.iso
/%grub%/RunVista.g4b  Win7

# use this for Win8/8.1/SVR2012 ISOs
iftitle [if exist /_ISO/WINDOWS/Win8/Win8.1_32.iso] Install Win8.1 32-bit \n Install from the ISO
set ISO=Win8.1_32.iso
/%grub%/RunWin8.g4b  Win8

iftitle [if exist /_ISO/WINDOWS/Win8/Windows_8.1_EN-US_x86.ISO] Install Win8.1 32-bit \n Install from the ISO
set ISO=Windows_8.1_EN-US_x86.ISO
set XML=
# Specify XML file in MFOLDER folder (e.g. Win8\ has\ spaces\ in\ name.xml)
# OR to choose XML or Product Key, comment out next line
set XML=Sample.xml
/%grub%/RunWin8.g4b  %MFOLDER% %XML%

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