Thursday 17 October 2013

Easy2Boot v1.12 available

Changes are:
1. If E2B boots as a floppy disk, grub4dos 4.6.a is then loaded which has USB drivers and may treat the USB as hd0 and so work as the great BIOS god in the sky intended!
2. 100K spaces.txt file now removed as no longer required.
3. Global hotkey function added using chenall's great new hotkey version - you can define hotkeys without needing to have a  menu entry for it. See \_ISO\Sample_MyE2B.cfg for details.
4.  Warning message shown if an .iso file is not contiguous.
5. Fix for .iso files hanging - in previous version some HP systems hang when booting an .iso file - this was due to the loading of a firadisk floppy disk image in the E2B QRun.g4b code which seemed to cause the problem, so that line has now been removed (thanks to Colin for reporting and debugging with me to find this issue)
6. Startup message suppression using redir and redirp improved - can now have silent startup.
7. NOF7HD variable will suppress Boot from hd0 menu entries.
8. NOF8B variable will suppress the 'Return to Main Menu [F8]' menu entry in the Windows menu (delete MAINMENU\ZZZF8ReloadMenu.mnu if not wanted in Main menu).

See here for this version.

If you update your version to v1.12, you can delete the \_ISO\e2b\grub\spaces.txt file as it is no longer required.

Tip: If your system has slow USB boot speeds, try using the latest version of grldr (get file from \_ISO\e2b\grub\grldr_46a and copy to root of E2B drive and rename to grldr).

If you try this new v1.12 version of E2B please let me know if it works for you (better or worse) or if it has a problem. It should look the same as the previous version but work on more systems and report any errors better. I will leave v1.11 on the site so you can go back to it if there is a problem.

If you want to replace \grldr with the 0.4.6 version, please give it a try. As it is new, I have not fully tested it...

Tutorial 72a Easy2Boot v1 web page has been updated to add v1.12 features. For example, I show how to just skip the Main menu and show the Windows Install menu on startup.


P.S. There were a few small issues with 1.12 so please upgrade to 1.13!

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