Friday 18 October 2013

Have you tried WinMerge?

WinMerge is great for comparing source code and other text-based files (like E2B files!). It is similar to WinDiff but better, IMHO!

If you have two different versions of a bunch of files and folders, WinMerge will list all the different files for you. Then double-click on the file and it will display the two versions of the file in two side-by-side Windows and highlight the differences. You can copy individual lines from one file to the other or just copy the whole file to the other folder. It works on all files and so will show non-identical binary files too.

It is great for comparing two versions of E2B (or any text-based files).
If you download the latest version of E2B to a folder and then compare that folder with your E2B USB drive, it will highlight the changes and you can decide what to update and what to leave alone (or just copy over a few lines inside a file).

A must-have for anyone who works with code source files or wants to compare two different versions of a bunch of files!

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