Tuesday 22 October 2013

Easy2Boot v1.15b available (bugfixes)

  • bugfix - Krishna reported that it no longer works if you have 2 partitions and swap them over. Now fixed.
  • bugfix - payload files in the \_ISO\AUTO folder were not enumerated below the first folder level. Now fixed.
  • feature - Menus should now not show the menu item number at the top right of each menu when using the cursor keys.
  • bugfix - PTN2_Menu.mnu in \_ISO\docs\Sample Menu files now checks for the non-E2B partition even if you have swapped partitions over using E2B_PTN_SWAP.mnu to change over the two partitions.
Please update to the new version. Sorry for the bugs!

Few more bugs found - 1.15b is now the latest!


  1. FASTLOAD.YES don't work for me. when I put the file says that fastload has refreshed but when I boot again load all the files as usual

  2. Are you testing on a real system (not a VM?) FAT32 or NTFS?

  3. re. FASTLOAD - OK - found a silly typo in menu.lst - please download 1.15b

  4. Now "Easy2Boot_v1.15b.zip" is charming just like magic..............

    " E2B is the real Beauty of USB Computing.
    Without E2B USB Computing is Nonsense "

    Thanks Steve for your Precious work..............