Sunday 2 June 2013

E2B BETA30 v7

In this version, Step 1 of XP install defaults after 3 second timeout to not load the ISO into RAM. If Y is pressed and then Enter, then the ISO will be loaded into system memory.
To speed up the process and not wait for the timeout, instead of waiting 3 seconds, just press the <Enter> key.


  1. Hi !! great job thanks many!!
    but, something you could fix?
    when loading the mainmenu, the helptext doesn't appear : we have to change the selected item in the menu and then everything works.
    so, at the initialization, the helptext linked to the selected item in the menu doesn't load.
    Not dramatical but could (may be??) fixed

  2. Hi
    I can't reproduce this?
    Can you send me a screenshot?
    What is the item first selected?
    Is this under QEMU and Oracle VBox and real system. Have you changed anything from the standard E2B.cfg?