Wednesday 19 June 2013

Easy2Boot v1.00 now 'officially' released!

I have decided to release E2B now as v1.00. It is virtually identical to the last BETA (just a few changes to the colour syntax in E2B.cfg as grub4dos now supports names for the color command - e.g.  color normal=blue/light-blue, but I have left the old colour variable definitions in so older MyE2B.cfg files will still work.
Now it is officially released, I suppose I can expect a flood of bug reports (as this always seems to be what happens when people are afraid to try beta s/w)!


  1. What do you mean when you say this?
    Bad or Invalid E:\Unattend.xml or similar - or 'Windows Setup encountered an internal error while loading or searching for an unattend answer file' - check that the blank \AutoUnattend.xml and \Unattend.xml are at least as large as your original .xml file - if not you will need to make them larger!

    Is there another original .xml file? I got the originals from the easy2boot zip file.

  2. You can make your own unattend.xml files. They should be placed in the same folder as the ISO (e.g. Win7 folder for Win7 ISo and unattend.xml).
    You can then select your own file to automated the installs. See Tut #72a for details.
    E2B copies these files to the root of the USB drive - the files are 'filled' with the contents by using dd - thus the files in the root need to be at least as large as your xml files or they won't fit.