Tuesday 25 June 2013

E2B DPMS package available for testing

Easy2Boot Upgrade DPMS package (BETA) now available for BETA testers only!

News - July 2013: New DPMS2 is now integrated in Easy2Boot and it is automatic - no need to press F6!

This enhances the current XP install from ISO menu. If you add the updated E2B files and download and add the DriverPack Mass Storage driver package (approx. 8MB download but 50MB when unzipped) you will have the option to autodetect the correct AHCI/SATA/RAID driver.

The DPMS package from chenall (and heavily modified by me) will auto-generate the F6 floppy disk image with the correct driver files. This MassStorage download seems the most bug free at the moment...

DP_MassStorage_wnt5_x86-32_1306202.7z - 9.18 MB a9922b31453aec34d46bdea5eb5a916f4f03589c

Or try Chenalls latest DPMS and just extract the D folder and DriverPack.ini (not dpms.bat!).

The installation method is still the same - you must manually use F6 and select the AHCI driver + Firadisk driver ( + WinVBlock driver (optional)) - however usually there will only be one AHCI driver present in the F6 list, so you will not have to guess which one to pick! Also, as the DriverPack contains non-Intel drivers, E2B XP installs from ISO should now work on non-Intel AHCI platforms.

Instructions are in the ReadMe.txt file.

News: After hours of hair pulling and midnight oil, I have a DPMS version now which loads firadisk AND the AHCI driver automatically (no F6 press required)! It is integrated in the Easy2Boot v1 download.



  1. You... I like you...

    Assuming I've understood correctly and this automatically finds the right AHCI driver, it means it will load the iso faster than simply integrating the whole DPMS package into the ISO.

    After I posted about the DPMS package on the MDL forums, I integrated not only the DPMS package but all the other packages as well, into the XP iso which is now about 1.4Gb for just SP3 home edition. Takes an age to load.

    Doing it with a separate DPMS is a much better way of doing it as you don't have to rebuild each XP iso, and you'll save space on your usb stick.

    Looking forward to many great new features in future.
    Weedy/Weidass (same person I should add)

  2. Yes, if all you want is the mass storage driver and then once XP is installed you can load the other drivers.
    So just use a vanilla XP ISO + a DPMS M pack.