Friday 14 June 2013

E2B BETA30 v11 - small bugfix

There was bug with the bad bios detection script due to the way grub4dos reports drive geometry.
If you found that BETA30 v10 gave a red error message on start-up about a bad bios, upgrade to BETA30 v11 which should fix that.


  1. this version fix the bad bios script but has a bug: the main menu script stop at "looking for /WINHELP.."

  2. Are you using a 2nd USB helper flash drive or just a single USB flash drive? Do you have anything else connected like a flash card reader or SD cards, etc.?
    This problem usually happens because grub4dos does not like the format of one of the drives connected to the system.

  3. Sorry for my english and thanks a lot for your great work. I'm a brazilian IT technician and E2B is a useful help for me in my daily work.

    I understand the reason for creation of V11 (fix a bug in v10), but you don't have posted anything about E2B.BETA30_V10 (the changelog).

    What are the enhancements or other fixes in v10 (because they are inside v11)?

    Eduardo Viriato de Medeiros
    Rio de Janeiro - Brazil

  4. hi @steve

    i dont have any other FLASH card or any other usb devices. there is only one Ubootable E2B usb stick at this vaio laptop. all start fine untill i should generate main menu. it just stop at WINHELP and i got after some min a empty main menu.

  5. @anonymous
    Can you tell me the exact text that is displayed when it pauses and include exactly the number of dots that are printed please. Each dot is printed after a command and so I can tell from the number of dots, which command it is stopping on.
    Also, when you finally get to the meny, can you press c to get to the command line (or p and then the password 'easy2boot' and then c, if required) and then type
    and then do an ls command for each drive, e.g.
    ls (hd0,0)/WINHELPER.USB
    ls (hd1,0)/WINHELPER.USB
    and report back what happens.
    Many people are using E2B and you are the first to report this issue.
    P.S. May be better to email me directly.

  6. v9/v10/v11 are similar, only the check for the 137GB BIOS bug code has changed to make it more reliable.

  7. Hi Steve

    thanks for your reply and explanation about v9/v10/v11.

    Eduardo Viriato de Medeiros