Monday 27 May 2013

Beta30 v5 now available - full release soon - please try this version!

Only minor changes in this version:

  • XP Step 1 install now loads the ISO into memory - this may prevent BSOD on some systems.
  • Updated grub4dos version
  • Updated some readme and help htm files.
  • Added E2B stamp to the background.

Please let me know of anything that is wrong or could be improved in this version. I will release it as the official full release after 1 week of no bug reports or changes.


  1. Regarding xp, what if my xp iso is larger than the system ram?

  2. If XP is larger then system ram it will map it without loading it into ram for step 1 automatically. For Step 2 you will need to use the second Step 2 for Low Ram option.
    If it is not loaded into ram it may not work on some systems, which is why I try to load it into ram first.
    Also, an alternative is to use the Install XP using WinPE option. This should work on systems with 256MB of ram or more.

  3. I'm install Windows 8 Pro ISO error with autounattend.xml. I'm use build 28v2 is OK

  4. Can you please check the capitalization of your files to make sure that they match what's in the config files? That way your code could work on a USB stick that's formatted ext2/ext3 (or any other CaSe SeNsItIvE file system).

    Two examples I found in 10 minutes of debugging (I don't have it working yet):

    - Directory named _ISO/e2b is referenced in /menu.lst as _ISO/E2B

    - _ISO/e2b/grub/MENU.LST is referenced as menu.lst in /menu.lst

    Thanks, and I am looking forward to what appears to be a very useful utility!

  5. Hi Alan
    E2B has not been tested on ext2/ext3 filesystems and nowhere do I say it is supported (I am a Windows-type guy!). I will go through it all to check but I didn't realise grub4dos was case sensitive on ext2/3 - only linux???

  6. Understood that it's not supported now. I was hopeful that you might be willing to make it work for those of us who don't use Windows in our everyday life, since the tool is so useful.

    I don't think that grub4dos is case-sensitve - I think it's because the underlying file system (ext2/ext3/ext4) is - on those filesystems you can have a menu.lst and a MENU.LST and they'll be 2 different files.

    BTW, with the 2 changes mentioned above, I was able to get the main menu up, but Easy2Boot didn't automatically build the menu of options from files in the MAINMENU subdirectory.

    I can understand if you don't want to try to support under Linux filesystems, but I can tell you that it'd gain you some more fans... ;-)

  7. Hi Alan
    I almost have it working but there is a bug in grub4dos!

    This is what I did to test it.
    1. Install Ext2Fsd on my Win7 64-bit system
    2. Format USB flash drive as ext2 using Easeus Home Partition Mgr
    3. Install Wee
    4. Add E2B files

    I then fixed some 'case' issues until I got a nice populated menu. The problem is it was too populated!

    grub4dos seems to have a bug!
    ls /mydir/ on an empty folder returns 'True' whereas on a FAT or NTFS volume it does not. So all the empty folders (e.g. AUTO, ANTIVIRUS, ect.) are listed in the main menu too!

    I have reported the bug and will carry on testing to check that everything else is working and then upload a new version...

  8. P.S. Of course, you realise Windows installs won't work...

  9. Hi Alan
    please try BETA30 v6 (bottom of Tutorial 72a page).
    Best to reformat in case of any case issues as I have changed the case of a few files as well as changing the text in some files!

  10. I am having an issue with Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. Whenever I select the ISO I want and the .xml file I get an if not exist CD dd if=(bd)/_ISO/e2b/firadisk/spaces.txt of=()/AutoUnattend.xml >nul Error 16: Inconsistent Filesystem Structure

    I use a 32GB Lexar Jumpdrive with NTFS formatting and boot as HDD enabled. I am using version Beta30 v6. I tested it with Windows XP and it works great so I don't know what the problem is.

    Thanks for this tool it is awesome!

  11. Yes it is. The machine is an hp desktop from 2005. I will see if I can test it on a Toshiba laptop

  12. Yep same error with Toshiba laptop

  13. It is actually so annoying. I think it might be something to do with the .xml files I am using. I might have made an error somewhere. Can you possibly make me one for having no keys for windows vista, 7 and 8 as they are all in one isos

  14. Vista and 7 don't require a user xml, but there must be an AutoUnattend.xml in the root of the flash drive as it has a special command which causes the ISO to be loaded as a virtual CD before Windows Setup runs.
    I just tried a fresh USB stick and it works fine for me using Win7 and choosing 0 = Use E2B XML file.
    Can you
    1. Boot to E2B
    2. Press P and enter the password of 'easy2boot'
    3. Press C to get to command console
    4. type three lines...
    ls (bd)/_ISO/e2b/firadisk/spaces.txt
    ls ()/AutoUnattend.xml
    dd if=(bd)/_ISO/e2b/firadisk/spaces.txt of=()/AutoUnattend.xml

    and see what happens

  15. That did the trick. Thanks so much.

  16. The commands that you had me put in!

  17. I also worked out that plop bootloader does not like booting windows very much using easytoboot

  18. Those commands were diagnostics - they shouldn't have fixed anything...?

  19. must have been me using plop then oops

  20. The plop USB driver is read-only - it does not support writes!

  21. That is so annoying. What do I do if the computer doesn't have USB BIOS Support. :(

  22. For step 1, can you leave the choice to not load the ISO into memory?

    It is very slow for me!

    I'm back to the old version : Easy2Bootv1 BETA29v7

  23. The new version works very well for me.
    Thank you very much.

  24. buf_size=0x10000, loops=0x2. in_pos=0x0, out_pos=0x0
    Bytes read / written = 0x10000 / 0x0

    Error 16: Inconsistent filesystem structure

    1. Need more details. Are you booting directly from USB on a real system? What menu entry are you running? etc.