Thursday 16 May 2013

Easy2Boot BETA29 v10!

Same as v9 but I have moved the [xx] characters to the end of the line.
I did not understand how to use the hotkey function properly

^L  means a hotkey of L but don't show the ^L
[L] means a hotkey of L but show [L]

The examples given were badly chosen! The exampes were


So I thought ^ meant it was a Function key !

Anyway, now we can have hotkeys and the menu looks (almost) the same as before!


  1. Steve, I always see you and sometimes others saying that Hirens needs this and that extracted here and there, and other different things to get it to boot correctly.

    I don't understand why.

    I've got it working perfectly just by renaming the iso to .isowinvH
    It works in miniXP, and the other hirens boot menu items also appear to work correctly.

    When you put the Hirens ISO into the main menu folder, are you simply putting the iso that you download in there, or are you extracting the iso you download, and then putting the iso inside that into the main menu folder?

    That's all I'm doing and it works correctly. No messing about extracting various HBCD folders to the root of the usb stick or anything like that.

    Or have I not understood you correctly?

  2. Do you see a Desktop in Mini XP with the HBCD shortcut and many others - or just 5 or 6 Desktop icons? See
    and compare with yours?
    Also do the DOS tools all run OK?
    You can boot the Hirens ISO using --mem but then you have to wait for the whole ISO to be loaded into RAM.

  3. Yep, When booting mini XP, everything works. All icons are present. It loads fully.
    I've been using hirens for years and I know what you mean about only a few icons loading when something isn't right.
    This is working correctly.

    Regarding the other hirens boot menu items, the only thing I've properly tested is the offline password remover. This works correctly.

    I'll do more testing this evening when I get home from work, just to make sure the rest of it, like the linux boot and stuff like DBAN all work ok.

  4. Ok, tested and it all seems to work. The linux live bit worked, dban worked, offline password changer worked.

    I tried the dos tools in the dos menu however, and while they load, it appears they can't see the system HDD. I don't know if it's because I'm using the tools incorrectly or if its because my HDD has a funky partition layout. But lets be honest, how many people go into the dos menu? The rest seems to work ok, which is good enough for everything I'll ever use.

  5. Awesome product, really. I have only one issue for now, I don't have the blue console on a win7 install, so and I get the driver missing issue. With Win8, I have the blue console and install goes ok.

    Do you have any idea please ?

    I use a 32GB flash drive and I gave the win7 iso name : win7install.iso

  6. @Ramses I can only think that the Win7.ISO you have has been modified. The AutoUnattend.xml file is automatically found and run when PE boots - starnet.cmd runs and it usually contains wpeinit - this is the command that looks for the AutoUnattend.xml file.

    see here.

    So if startnet.cmd has been modified in the boot.wim or if a winpeshl.ini file is present and wpeinit is never run, then the blue console window will not appear.

    If you boot from the Win7 ISO, then press SHIFT+F10 to get a console - then look in \windows\system32 for startnet.cmd and winpeshl.ini.

    OR - just download a standard Win7 ISO from Digital River (links on my site) and see if that one works.


  7. Oh yeah, I forgot to say that my win7 iso is already from Digital River, I just changed the file name.

    I don't understand why it doesn't work

  8. here is my generated autounattend.xml from the root of my E2B usb pen drive :

    Don't know if it helps :S

  9. My bad, you were totally right, the iso was corrupted. All is working fine now ! Thanks for your amazing work ;)

  10. No problem!
    I once had a corrupted ISO in E2B that booted to WinPE, loaded the Blue LOADISO console window, gave me the Repair option, went to the first Setup Language question, then showed a completely blank SKU menu (no Home/Pro/Ult choices). Took me ages to realise it was a corrupt ISO even though no mount or zip utilities complained about it!