Monday 13 May 2013

Easy2Boot BETA29v4 available

I had a brain wave last night (I don't get many of them these days!).
The main change in v4 is that I don't use environment variables to store the filenames any more. This caused a limitation as to the number of files you could have, especially if you used lots of variables in mymenu.lst to change the default menu text to suit your own preference/language. The more variables you defined or files you had, the more limited was the number of files displayed!

You can have as many .xml and .key files as you like now (i.e. that will fit on the screen before scrolling off = approx 34 in 800x600 mode!)
It may also mean I can add more variables for the menu title variables so that you can change the headings for all the menus in mymenu.lst.
I also changed some filenames from grub\xx.mnu to xxx.hdr to avoid confusing them with proper .mnu files.
Still a few more revisions to go, I feel, but it is nearly finished!


  1. Hi Steve,

    I did a little more testing last night and had a problem with installing XP using both methods.

    Using the WinPE method, I used a win7 iso, and the installer appeared to run correctly, however when it said remove usb and reboot, it froze. I forced a reboot, and when it tried to boot from HDD it threw up an error about hal.dll being missing or something.

    I tried to then install XP using the 2 step method, and the XP installer froze after I'd pressed F6. It froze on the screen that says press S to add third party drivers, enter to continue, etc.

    I'll try it again tonight in more detail and let you know. I'll post on the MDL forums.


  2. I have never seen those symptoms and no one else has reported them either. Freezing when saying S to add a 3rd party driver sounds more like a hardware/memory issue??