Saturday 18 May 2013

E2B BETA29 v11 now available!

  • minor changes to menus - re-worded to look better
  • Fix [L] appearing in GFXMenu for List PCI devices
  • Fix selecting blank menu entry in GFXMenu causes reversion to text mode menu
  • hotkey utility changed to latest version (old one caused keyboard problems)
  • ubuntu with persistence .mnu sample file added
  • Tails HDD .mnu sample file added (needed to boot Tails from USB HDD - not needed if booting from Flash drive)
Please update to this version (overwrites 5 or 6 files only).
Thanks to halikus for bug spotting and suggestions!


  1. Hi,
    (1) Both on a laptop xp and desk PC win 7: Problems with full version when a large external usb disk connected; like the prog NOT warning about large disk and soon locking up requiring a reboot to let go... Portable version on the other hand, worked just fine; and no such problems...
    (2) External usb disks of various sizes up to two TB, using the portable version resultimg in a peculiar observation (at least, so it seems): Doing a MAX size preparation with a 500 Gb and 2 TB; the external disks would boot on the laptop but not on the PC (Am. Megatrends version 2301 2010)... However preparing the external disks with less than Max size; they do boot on the PC!...
    (3) Hiren 15.2: no need to extract HBCD folder... (a) Added a (.lst) file named "menuEZ2Boot.lst" to Hirens.ISO, under the HBCD folder... (b) added a line in HirenISO.mnu just before the last line which is "boot". The added line referenced my (.lst.) file; and was: "configfile /HBCD/menuEZ2Boot.lst" (c) the content of the (.lst) file was as follows: "
    find --set-root /isolinux/isolinux.cfg
    chainloader /isolinux/isolinux.bin || configfile /HBCD/usb.lst

    I don't know if all contents of (.lst) file is needed : ) BUT it DOES work...

  2. Hi
    There is no difference between RMPrepUSB portable and Full or Lite. The .exe files are identical. The difference is just that it does not copy it to your Program Files folder and create Start Menu and Desktop shortcuts.
    Perhaps the reboot 'changed' something about your system.
    re. Hirens, results vary depending on what version of Hirens ISO you have and sometimes what PC you run it on. That's why I say that you 'may' need to copy over the HBCD folder.