Saturday, 29 October 2022

How to quickly identify what's in your old PC or Notebook (DOS SysInfo tools)

The Utilities menu in E2B will give you some details on PCI IDs (useful for finding the correct driver), BIOS-accessible disk drives and CPU Information...

E2B - UTILITIES - CPU Information

But if you are planning to install Windows or Linux onto an old PC or NoteBook, you can identify the hardware in a lot more detail bootable to an ISO such as the Hardware Detection Tool ISO file.

This can be booted from E2B\agFM\Ventoy as a legacy-bootable ISO.

The legacy UBCD v5.3.9 ISO also contains some old but useful tools which can be run from an E2B/agFM/Ventoy USB drive:

HWINFO is a useful Windows tool which you can find already included in many WinPE ISOs such as Strelec WinPE, however there is a DOS version in the form of a FreeDOS floppy image file that you can run on systems which may not be able to run a large WinPE OS - you can download my version here.

You can also download the free DOS-based ASTRA ISO which is regularly updated (current version is 6.91 Nov-26-2021)..

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