Tuesday 11 October 2022

Three new ways to make or save money (but be quick!)

Here are some ideas to get approx. £40 in less than an hour (no risk) and save up to 30% on Christmas gifts or purchases and save £££s on your weekly supermarket shopping bills for ever!

1. A quick £40 (ish) in 40 minutes

I found this post on reddit. I tried the CoinBase one and it really works! I got £14 within 10 minutes. I didn't try the other two hustles but the users reported that they work too - so that's £40.

Why not look around for other sites that have quizzes that pay cash? Post in the comments if you find some more please :-).

2. Amazon Prime (URGENT!)

If you are a member of Amazon Prime (you can get a free trial for 30 days, free delivery, watch Amazon Prime Video for free and then cancel) you just have today to spot Amazon Prime day bargains.

So sign up for the 30-day trial and buy your Xmas presents now (before prices go up). You should be able to save up to 30% - e.g.

Seagate Portable Drive, 2TB, External Hard Drive, Dark Grey, for PC Laptop and Mac, 2 year Rescue Services, Amazon Exclusive (STGX2000400) (#ad) for 30% off (for Prime members).

Superfast Transcend JetFlash 128GB (#ad) USB flash drive for £30

Superfast 128GB USB 3 for £30!

Many other bargains are available, but be quick - you only have today and I can't see standard pricing going down before Xmas!

Best Air Fryer (Philips) - save 25% here.

HUAWEI 24 Inch Monitor - Full HD 1080P - ultra-slim bezels with 90% screen to body ratio - low blue light to decrease eye fatigue, 5ms flicker free, 1920 x 1080 HDMI/VGA, IPS - black - 35% off (£99) here.

3. Money off your supermarket bills for ever

Here is a trick that I use to encourage supermarkets to email loads of money-off vouchers, coupons codes and special deals to me - but don't tell them or they might fix this loophole!

I usually get between £5 and £20 off my shopping every week by doing this...

1. First, use Gmail (or any other email provider) and take out at least three different email addresses for yourself.

2. Create three different accounts with all online major supermarkets that deliver to your area and that you like. In my area I can use Sainsburys, Tesco, Ocado, Waitrose and Morrisons but I have only used Sainsburys, Ocado and Morrisons - so in my case this means I would have three accounts with each one using three different email addresses. I also used a slightly different name - e.g. middle initial, abbreviated forename (Steve\Stephen\S) etc. so that my name is not identical in each account. So I have multiple supermarket accounts.

This should work in any country and with any major supermarket.

Disclaimer: I actually have only tried using multiple accounts with Morrisons so far, but it works well. I get multiple Morrisons vouchers to each email address and I get emails from Morrisons, Sainsburys and Ocado with vouchers because they have not had an order from me for a few weeks.

3. Now you need to order from each account. Some supermarkets give you a voucher for your first order (e.g. Sainsburys give £15 off on a £60 order), so use those ones first. It may help to add some shopping items into all nine baskets of all three supermarkets. 

4. Now just wait for the vouchers to be emailed to you. Meanwhile try to shop once using a different account each week. They will see that you have only ordered once, a few weeks ago, and try to tempt you back by sending you money off vouchers.

Note: Make sure you login to the online supermarket account using the same email address that they sent the voucher to, or the voucher code will not be accepted!

If you get two voucher codes that you must spend in the same week, you can split your usual order into two (e.g. 2 x £60) and make it up to the threshold limit by adding extra high-value, non-perishable items such as bottles of alcohol, Xmas presents, tins/packets of food, toiletries, etc. (or send me a bottle of red wine if you like :-).

Of course, if a particular supermarket has a special offer on (like 20% off any 6 bottles of wine) then you can take advantage of that too.

Often the deliveries can be booked for free. Even if it cost £4 for delivery it is cheaper than making a special journey to the supermarket (and then be tempted to buy other stuff that you didn't know you needed!).

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