Sunday 23 October 2022

Add PhilsComputerLab's DOSBENCHMARK test utilities to your E2B or Ventoy USB drive (and run Quake and Doom!)

Phil has provided some DOS-executables which you can use to benchmark and test legacy BIOS PCs. As well as CPU, VGA and sVGA benchmarks, it also has the trial versions of Quake and Doom which you can play!

Speedsys 4.78 run on Lenovo IdeaPad300 notebook

The main menu is shown below:

Main menu

See here for more details about each test.

If you want to add a bootable ready-made .img file to your E2B USB drive, you can download the zipped up hdd image file from here.

The file has a _.imghd.img extension. As it runs FreeDos you must legacy boot to the E2B menu.
If you want to legacy boot to agFM and use it from the agFM menu, you must use latest version agFM v1.95 (updated today).


Phil also has a 386bench.iso file available as well as other tools and utilities for older PCs.

Booting from Ventoy

If you want to boot a DOS-based .img file from Ventoy, you may need to use grub4dos and the Extended F6 menu (\ventoy\ventoy_grub.cfg).

A simplified menu is shown below (does not allow for spaces in the path or filename):

# no spaces in path!
if [ "${grub_platform}_${grub_cpu}" = "pc_i386" ]; then
menuentry "BENCHMARK HD IMAGE" {
set 'x=(hd0,0)/_ISO/UTILITIES/DOSBenchMark_.imghd.img'
set "g4d=map --mem ${x} (hd0); map (hd0) (hd); map --hook; chainloader (hd0,0)+1; boot"
linux ${vtoy_iso_part}/ventoy/grub.exe --config-file=${g4d}

For more grub4dos menu  examples and some code to handle filenames which contain spaces, see my 'Getting started with Ventoy' eBook (v1.13 or later). Updates are free - just redownload from the link in the email..

Note that you must copy a recent version of grub.exe to the \ventoy folder onto the first partition. Download a recent version of grub4dos 0.4.6a from here and extract the grub.exe file and copy it to the \ventoy folder.

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