Friday 27 November 2020

Ventoy for Easy2Boot v1.0.29

I have updated the test version of Ventoy v1.0.29 for E2B and also I added the core.img into the .zip file itself.

This now makes it easier to add Ventoy to an E2B USB drive.

Latest Betas are here as usual.

  1. Update to latest agFM E2B UEFI File manager v1.66Beta4 (extract contents onto partition 2) (note that there was a bug in Beta3!)
  2. Download the latest file
  3. Drag-and-drop the new onto the Ptn2:\e2b\Update agFM\Add_Ventoy.cmd file
The new Add_Ventoy.cmd will automatically update/add Ventoy to partition 2 and add the correct core.img file.

I have also added and updated the compile instructions for Ventoy.

1 comment:

  1. We will test it, thank you so much for recompiling.
    you are one of the most developers whom I respect.
    Thanks again for your hard work.