Tuesday 24 November 2020

Ventoy 1.0.29 for E2B available

 I have recompiled Ventoy 1.0.29 so that it runs on E2B.

You can obtain the patched version from here.

Drag-and-drop the zip file onto the \e2b\Update e2b\Add_Ventoy.cmd file.

After installing it using that .cmd file, you will need to download the v1.0.29 patched version of core.img from here and overwrite the \ventoy\core.img file with this new version - otherwise MBR-booting will be blocked.

I have not changed its appearance, so please don't report any problems to the Ventoy forum unless you can reproduce the same issue on a genuine Ventoy USB drive!

The MBR version appears to say 'Unofficial Ventoy' but the UEFI version does not display that text message.

This version is temporary and for Beta testing only. I do not intend to maintain a forked version of Ventoy for E2B.


  1. Hm, not working for me - sorry. Used your patched file and core.img.
    It hangs - if i use F5 Ventoy - switch to text mode and nothing else - no Ventoy Screen.
    Back to Ventoy 1.0.27 - all OK

  2. Hm, didnt check exactly - maybe 2 minutes, but with ventoy 1.0.27 only a few seconds to wait.

    1. Tested again and waited 4 Minutes - nothing, it stops - switch to text mode - no problem with ventoy 1.0.27 :(