Wednesday, 25 November 2020

How to patch and recompile Ventoy

I do not intend to continually patch and recompile Ventoy every few days so that it can be added to E2B, however if you want to know how I made my own version, I have written up some notes here.

My knowledge of C is limited and I am not very experienced with Linux, so please correct me if any of the instructions are wrong or maybe inaccurate!

I have also slightly modified the wallpaper in my new version of now to make it obvious that it is not the official Ventoy version - can you tell?


  1. Would it be additionally meaningful to change into It would be a clear reference to the responsible support. Also in case another theme is used.

    1. yes - but how? /grub/grub.cfg does not seem to work!

  2. Thank you.
    Btw, the new release of a1ivegfm not supporting Ventoy (F5) button, it keeps rebooting into the beginning.
    I also recompile the source by myself, and still the same issue.
    It looks like a1ive change something in source code.

    1. Standard grubfm does not work, my version is agFM which is modified to work with F5.
      I have asked a1ive to add support and fix, see Issue list.