Monday 9 November 2020

E2B v2.06 now available

No major bugfixes, mainly just some housekeeping. 

v2.06 - changes from E2B v2.05

  • wget.exe version updated
  • Update Add_Ventoy.cmd, MAKE_E2B_USB_DRIVE.cmd, UPDATE_E2B_DRIVE.cmd (if more than one E2B drive is connected, the agFM files could be added to the wrong drive partition 2). Change download URLs.
  • Update UtilMan password .cmd files to also change magnify.exe and use new account name of ADMIN9. 
  • Update Add_Ventoy.cmd to warn if core.img is not present.
  • Update memtest86 .imgptn23 to v8.4
  • Add GetKeyCode.mnu sample menu (for finding grub4dos key codes to use in the Guest menu .mnu files)
  • SDI_CHOCO .cmd files updated (bugfix  BIT64 case-sensitivity).
  • New 'candle' default background for E2B

Downloads are here and they will also be available from the main FossHub site in a few days. Please let me know if you find a problem.