Wednesday 4 February 2015

What do you want to see in a new Easy2Boot video?

I would like to know if there are any topic you would like me to cover in a new E2B video.

Here is a list of the current E2B YouTube videos:

So the question is, what topics would you like covered in a new video? Here are some suggestions:

  1. How to make and add WinToGo VHDs to E2B
  2. Add Win8.1ToGo to a Removable E2B USB flash drive (as in Tutorial 129)
  3. How to change languages in E2B and modify existing headings and text
  4. MyE2B.cfg in detail - what all the options do
  5. How to use FASTLOAD in E2B
  6. How to add a new sub-menu to E2B
  7. How to have one background for first boot, a different one for the main menu and different ones for sub-menus.
  8. How to add your own background wallpaper and get it looking nice (setting menu and heading positions, etc.)
  9. How to have silent boot-up with no grub4dos or E2B messages
  10. How to have Windows Install entries in the Main menu that run without any user prompts needed.
  11. Security - password protect certain menu entries, encrypt files, master password, expiry date, monthly PIN number, 
  12. How to use the \_ISO\AUTO folder or have more of them.
  13. How to use .txt and .mnu files in E2B
  14. ISOBOOT - how to use it, modify it, etc. to boot non-contiguous linux ISOs
  15. How to boot from an ISO with persistence - e.g. Parted Magic.
  16. How to add Kaspersky Rescue to E2B with persistent updates

Any other suggestions are welcome.

Please let me know the numbers of any you are interested in or give me your own suggestions.


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