Saturday, 7 February 2015

E2B v1.62BetaE now available

There is now a .mnu file at \_ISO\MAINMENU\$$$SetDefaultMenu.mnu. This makes it easier to have different wallpapers for different menus. The website documentation has also been updated.

This version has the new 0.4.6a grub4dos which now works with exFAT drives too.

Unless there are any bug reports, this version will be released as the 'official' E2B 1.62 in a few days, so please try it out and let me know if there are any problems.

I have also added 'grab' which is a grub4dos console capture batch file - this copies a screen full of grub4dos console text to a file (grab.txt) and is only used for debugging purposes. To use it, go to the grub4dos console, type graphicsmode 3 (note: this clears the screen!and then type in any commands you want to test. When you type grab, the text on the screen is copied to a grab.txt file ready to send off for bug reports, etc.

The two Windows scripts, E2B MNU Maker.cmd and E2B TXT Maker.cmd have been updated so that you can specify if you want the menu entry to be always displayed, or only displayed if a 32-bit or 64-bit CPU is present when E2B is booted.

Also, if you are using the latest version of RMPrepUSB v2.1.727, the Make_E2B_USB_Drive.cmd batch file will now install grub4dos with the 'silent' switch which causes less grub4dos boot-up  messages to be visible when E2B starts to boot.

There is now also some extra lines in the Sample MyE2B.cfg file which you can uncomment for a silent startup of the grldr stage 2 as well:

# Silent MBR boot of stage 1.5 grub4dos (works for both 0.4.5c and 0.4.6) - a reboot is required for it to take affect.
### if exist /_ISO/docs/PatchMyMBR call /_ISO/docs/PatchMyMBR > nul
# Silent startup of grub4dos - no diagnostic/info messages (only works for 0.4.6a) - permanently changes /grldr files (use \_ISO\docs\patchme for patch if not using 0.4.6)
### cat --locate=\x02 --replace=\x00 --skip=0x2073 --length=1 /grldr > nul
### if exist /%grub%/grldr_046 cat --locate=\x02 --replace=\x00 --skip=0x2073 --length=1 /%grub%/grldr_046 > nul

This means that you should not need to use the patchme file every time you update your E2B USB drive.

I hope that we can now move to grub4dos 0.4.6a as the 'default' version of grub4dos from now on as it makes little sense to develop both grub4dos 0.4.5c and 0.4.6a in tandem once the bugs have been ironed out from 0.4.6a.

P.S. by default, E2B displays the file name AND file extension in the menus. I am thinking of changing this so that the default is to not display the file extension. Does anyone object to this? Note that if you have already set EXTOFF=1 in your MyE2B.cfg file then this change would not affect anything. It just means that if you don't have a MyE2B.cfg file, file extensions would not be shown in the menu entries. Let me know...

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