Wednesday 25 February 2015

Easy2Boot v.1.63 Beta 1 suggests an alternative file extension!

I have added some more code to QRUN.g4b which looks at the file extension and the file name and will suggest an alternative file extension if it thinks that it will work better. You are only prompted if E2B thinks that it will not run correctly as a .ISO file.

As you can see, the file in the screenshot above is called ERDCommander2005.iso, but QRUN has suggested that using a file extension of .isomemwinv might be better for this ISO file.

The user must type Y within 5 seconds in order to run the ISO as if it had a .isomemwinv file extension, otherwise after 5 seconds, E2B will continue to boot the file as a .ISO file (and in this case it will fail to successfully boot!).

This feature means that naive users will be warned if they need to rename the file extension. It also means that for quick testing, you don't need to rename the file extension yourself if you forget, as you will be prompted by QRUN anyway.

Currently, it will suggest a better alternative file extension for:

  • Windows ISOs
  • WinPE ISOs
  • XP/Bart/MiniXP/MicroXP/Windows Legacy ISOs
  • WinBuilder ISOs
  • Hirens\DLCD\Falcon 4 ISOs
  • Partition Magic ISOs
  • TrueCrypt ISOs
  • Puppy Linux ISOs
  • macpup linux ISOs
  • WDE ISOs
  • winflp ISOs
  • POS 2009 ISOs
  • ubcd4win ISOs
  • ubcd ISOs
  • haiku anyboot .image files
As it looks at the name of the payload file, it will only work if you have the correct strings in the filename - e.g. 'WIN' or 'POS'+'2009' or 'XP' or 'winbuild' . These are not case sensitive.

Please let me know if you think I could add any more or it does not suggest a correct alternative.

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