Saturday 5 July 2014

E2B v1.51a (with XP bugfix) and method for adding multiple background bitmaps to E2B

  • I have had three reports from users recently complaining about the Step 2 XP Install stage not working. When I looked at the XPStep2.g4b file, I found that I had accidentally commented out the line that loads the XP ISO into memory! The bug existed in all versions between v1.32 and v1.51! This has now been fixed in v1.51a. This probably explains why there have been some complaints (it is not always necessary to load the ISO into memory, but in helps in cases where XP does not contain compatible USB drivers and so cannot access the ISO file when it boots to XP).
  • I have now documented how you can have multiple wallpaper background bitmaps here.
    You can have one bitmap displayed whilst E2B is enumerating files and another for the Main menu. You can also have different bitmaps for each sub-menu. Here is a demo...
Note: MyE2B.cfg needs 'call Fn.70 3' so you can see the background during file enumeration.

call Fn.70 3

\_ISO\Mybackground.bmp.gz (first 'blue' image)

Read more:

See the YouTube video on how to set up multiple menu backgrounds by Liu Evan here.

To update E2B, download the non-DPMS zip file and extract the files onto your E2B USB drive - you don't need to download the large DPMS zip file even if your previous version was with the DPMS drivers. Then use the \Update_E2B_Drive.cmd file to update your E2B drive.

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