Wednesday, 16 July 2014

E2B Updates

In the last few days there have been a few small changes to E2B.

E2B v1.53 - has TRAD_CHINESE language added (thanks to Andrew :-). It also has a bugfix to the Make_E2B_USB_Drive.cmd script which used the wrong version of grub4dos to install code to the MBR of the E2B USB drive (reported by JF-L). This did not cause a problem unless you tried to boot a .imgPTN file - then you would get an error from E2B Qrun.g4b complaining about 'No Grub4dos installed to the MBR of this drive!' I have now changed the script and also changed Qrun.g4b so any version of grub4dos MBR code can be used. If you have seen this error message, it can be fixed by using RMPrepUSB to reinstall grub4dos to the MBR of your USB drive (recommended) or by updating your E2B USB stick to v1.53.

Info: The version of grubinst.exe used in RMPrepUSB has been modified by me to make it more boot-compatible on a wider range of systems than the standard grubinst.exe (the standard version is called grubinst_new.exe in RMPrepUSB). The boot code in the standard grub4dos MBR does not boot on some systems due to some BIOSes detecting what they think is invalid boot code. The special version of grubinst.exe in RMPrepUSB is limited to installing grub4dos to drives numbered 0-9 only, but fixes this problem, so that these few weird systems will also boot to grub4dos. That is why I recommend you always prepare your E2B USB drive using RMPrepUSB or the Make_E2B_USB_Drive script (and for other reasons too, like FAT32 writes are up to 10% faster on a flash drive if you use RMPartUSB to format them!).

The other update is to the MPI Tool pack - MPI_Tool_Pack_Plus_CloverLite_035. This has been updated to version 035a. It has the latest version of ImDisk now. Also, there was a problem if you tried to run  'RestoreE2B (run as admin).cmd' from Windows Explorer by using right-click+Run as Admin AND if you had not installed RMPrepUSB into it's default location on your Windows system (reported by Anderson - thanks!) - this is fixed in the new version.

P.S. No more language files have been sent to me yet - why not achieve some small amount of fame and world gratitude by translating the E2B strings.txt file into your own language?  Instructions are in a previous blog post here. You can even use Google Translate to do most of the grunt work! If you are German or Spanish speaking, please can you check the existing STRINGS.txt files as there are probably some errors as I used Google Translate to make them!

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