Thursday 10 July 2014

Another E2B language and @DED-LEGO@

Mr TSAI has kindly sent me a Traditional Chinese language file.

The latest languages will always be in the file located in the Easy2Boot Alternate Download areas.

These are now:
Chinese Simplified
Chinese Traditional
German (Beta)
Spanish (Beta)

Memoarfaa has confirmed that the @DED-LEGO@ GFX menu package works with E2B - see the reboot forum posts starting here. You will need to increase the default number of entries from 15 however by re-compiling the file (why not try 100?).

@DED-LEGO@ showing the E2B menu with walking penguin and animated clock, etc.

Please note: E2B does not fully support GFX Menus or @DED-LEGO@/RIPPER menus and I am only willing to spend a few minutes on any issues/questions you may have concerning these.

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