Monday 2 January 2023

Easy2Boot v2.19 released

Changes to E2B v2.19 (Jan 2 2023 version):
  • New grub4dos /grldr to fix changing wallpaper bmp/jpg whilst animation is running in background.
  • Revise E2B Launcher.exe to add ‘Download and Update E2B’.
  • Update some files - hotkey utility, Add_Ventoy.cmd, CheckForUpdate.cmd,,Download and Update E2B.cmd also tells user which version is installed on USB drive.
  • Add new INDONESIAN menu language (thanks to mikail)
  • Add ‘+DPMS’ or ‘ – No DPMS’ to default MAIN MENU heading so user can tell which version is installed.
  • Add “\_ISO\docs\E2B Utilities\GetWindowsProductKey.vbs” – run this to get the current Windows system Product Key.


  1. I've added experimental support for wimboot to GRUB4EFI:

    1. wow! that's great. I will test out over next few days. Many thanks!