Friday 5 August 2022

Ventoy for Easy2Boot v1.0.79 pre-release is now available.

The current Ventoy for Easy2Boot is version 1.0.57 and it is getting a bit long in the tooth - so I have today edited and recompiled a new version for Easy2Boot.

I have added a link to it in the latest eBook #4:

which will take you to the download file for 'Easy2Boot v1.0.79'. The password is also in the eBook (search the PDF for '1.0.79' to find it).

The eBook has also been revised slightly too. One of the changes is to improve the instructions on how to re-compile Ventoy and remove the restrictions imposed by the author which locks it to a USB drive made only by the Ventoy app.

You can get the new revision of eBook #4 for free - just use the Payhip link that was emailed to you when you first purchased the eBook - you don't need to buy the new version of the eBook. All updates of all my Payhip eBooks are FREE!

If I get no negative feedback on V4E2B v1.0.79 then I will release to everyone the automatically downloadable, fully released version on 2022-09-05 (i.e. one month from now).

If you don't want to pay the paltry $5 for the eBook then just wait a while and then run '"Ptn2:\e2b\Update agFM\Update_to_latest_Ventoy_version.cmd" on your E2B USB drive once the new version is fully released.

Instructions to update to Ventoy4E2B v1.0.79:

1. Search the eBook for 1.079 and click the download link in eBook #4
2. Unpack the .zip file using the password provided in eBook #4
3. Drag-and-drop the extracted  onto the cmd file on Partition 2 of your E2B USB drive: \e2b\Update agFM\Add_Ventoy.cmd.

Now Ventoy4E2B v1.0.57 will be replaced with v1.0.79.

You can find instructions for Ventoy at (or get my eBook on Ventoy  here ;-).

It takes me many hours to re-compile and test a new version.
Please don't give out the password on forums or social media. The downloads will be counted and if it exceeds the number of eBooks sold then the download will be removed!

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