Thursday 11 August 2022

Send faxes for free online (no fax machine required)

Recently I had to send a solicitor who was located over 100 miles away, some copies of my ID documents (passport, driving licence, etc.).

Now solicitors do not like receiving emails with attachments as, of course, opening an email attachment carries serious security risks, so they automatically bin all emails with attachments and they wanted me to either send a fax or use snail mail.

However, in the UK, we have just had a warning of a forthcoming  Royal Mail postal service strike and so I was afraid that my documents would be delayed or worse - lost if I posted them! So it seemed that it was best to send them faxes of my ID docs.

My printer does actually have fax capability, but I needed a BT phone socket adaptor for it which I didn't have. So instead I decided to try an online fax service.

I was very pleasantly surprised to find that Fax.Plus by Alohi offered such a service and it was totally free to send the first 10 documents too. This proved extremely easy after registering first. They accept lots of different file formats (pdf, jpg, docx, etc.) and they have apps and browser extensions and plugins (for MS Word, etc.) too. You can even send a fax by email. When sending, you can specify the type - a text document (faster) or a photo document for more detail (slower to send/receive).

For any more docs after the 10 free ones or if you want to receive faxes, they will want some payment (which is only reasonable). You can use this link (#ad) to get £2 of credit (I will get credit too as it is an affiliate link!). The Basic plan is just $4.99 a month for 100 faxes a month and you can both send and receive faxes and you get a dedicated fax number.

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