Wednesday 16 December 2020

Easy2Boot v2.07b Beta available

This version has a new  version of  the  'E2B Launcher.exe' 32-bit Windows application which you can find in the \_ISO\docs\E2B Utilities\Launcher folder.

I have also added a 'Desktop E2B Launcher.cmd' file into the folder. You can copy this file to your Windows Desktop so that you can quickly run E2B Launcher from any E2B USB drive that is connected to your system. Each E2B USB drive must contain the new Launcher folder or else it won't be detected.

2.07c adds an extra link in the 'Tools' tab which copies the 'Desktop E2B Launcher.cmd' file to the Desktop for you.

Desktop E2B Launcher.cmd
The menu is only seen if  2 or more E2B drives are detected

If more than one E2B USB drive is found, you can choose which one you want to use.

Download the latest E2B Beta from the 'Latest Betas' folder here. Run \Make_E2B.exe and click on Update_E2B_Drive button to update your E2B USB drive (updates E2B and agFM).

P.S. To make the Launcher I used Linasoft APM (Auto Play Menu Builder) which is free for home use. It is primarily intended for making CD\DVD AutoPlay front-end GUIs, but can also be used for USB drives. If you use a multipurpose USB drive which contains various applications, 3rd party tools, portable apps, etc. then you can easily make a nice 'Launcher' front end for it using this application. It has a large variety of controls and can also play music, etc.

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