Tuesday 15 December 2020

Easy2Boot v2.07a Beta available

 This version has a new  Beta version of  an 'E2B Launcher.exe' 32-bit Windows application which you can find in the \_ISO\docs\E2B Utilities\Launcher folder.

Download from the Latest Betas folder here.

You can copy the 'E2B Launcher.exe' file to any convenient folder on your E2B USB drive - but it will only work correctly when run it from E2B USB drives.

A few helper .cmd files which are in the Launcher folder on the USB drive are used by the app. for some functions.

When you run 'E2B Launcher' it should ask for admin access and then display a StartupCheck command console. After a few seconds it should disappear. Each entry will perform an operation when clicked on (e.g. run E2B_Editor.exe or open a folder or load a file into NotePad, or open a web page in your browser, etc.).

On the final release, I will place the 'E2B Launcher.exe' file in the \_ISO folder (or maybe the root?).

The idea is to try and make it easier for someone who is just starting out with E2B. Hopefully they won't find it too confusing...

Please let me have your comments and feedback (email is: steve AT easy2boot.com or use the Contact Me form or chat facility on the website).

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