Thursday 23 January 2020

E2B v1.B9d Beta available

Changes from v1.B8 are:
  • The E2B menu system will ignore .grubfm files and .cfg files which are not grub4dos batch files (in case added for a1ive grub2 file manager)
  • Bugfix for Windows ISOs + XML files (unattend answer file error fixed)
  • Bugfix for firadisk/strelec ISO booting
  • Bugfix in NTBOOT for .wim booting when using grub2 File Manager
  • Language file for Simplified Chinese STRINGS.txt updated (thanks to a1ive)
  • Change to MAKE_E2B_USB_DRIVE.cmd script to leave 100MB+ at end of the USB drive so a 2nd FAT32 partition can be easily added without needing to resize the E2B drive.
If you make a new E2B drive now, it will leave approx. 100MB of free unused space on the drive (or if a >128GB drive, it will make a large NTFS partition #2). This allows the user to easily delete the 2nd partition and make a new FAT32 partition of 100MB, so they can easily add the grub2 a1ive File Manager UEFI boot files.

I may add an option to add the UEFI files into the E2B installer later, but I need a lot more feedback from users on how good (or bad) the new UEFI File Manager is.

Download v1.B9d

So please let me have your feedback on the 'a1ive gru2 File Manager' and let me know what works and what doesn't.


  1. Greetings! It works great!
    I tested "Easy2Boot_v1.B9d_Beta" in MBR mode. Later I will conduct tests in EFI mode. Here is a description of my bootable flash drive
    One problem is that the background image in the E2B menu does not work. I created an image of 1024x768, .jpg. Uploaded the image through E2B_Editor. Saved the file MyE2B.cfg again. When I open through E2B_Editor - the image is loaded. But when testing on a real computer and through QEMU_MENU_TEST (run as admin) .cmd - there is no background image. I also tried to create a 800x600, .jpg file - the results are the same.

    1. Here is my configuration file.

      #Generated by E2B_Editor

      set GMODE=800
      set MYWBMP=/_ISO/mynewbg2.jpg

      set rstart=4
      set topstart=2
      set menuw=71
      set noitems=24
      set tophelp=26

      color normal=0xC7C7C7
      color helptext=0x00FFFF
      # The lines below overide the highlight and standard settings and will set a transparent/black background
      color highlight=0xBE3636
      # OR you can specify a background color as well as a highlight colour - e.g. for a blue background (0000CC)
      # color highlight=0x0000CC00BE3636
      color standard=0x00FFFF

      color border=0x404040
      set bdwidth=1
      # for non-E2B use: /menusetting.gz 0 0 %bdwidth% %tophelp% %noitems% %topstart% %menuw% %rstart%
      set HEADPOS=0000
      set HEADING=\x20 EASY2BOOT MAIN MENU (%VER%) %B64% %@DATE% %@TIME%
      set HCOLOUR=0x00FF40
      set CENTREHD=
      set HBTM=3501
      set FCOLOUR=0x00FFFF
      set HELPTEXT=HDD0 [F7] Back [F8] Reboot [F9] Power Off [F10] (%^LANG%)

      if "%LANG%"=="" set LANG=UKRAINIAN
      set KBD=KBD_QWERTY_USA.g4b

      set EXTOFF=1

      # ---- ADVANCED MENU SETTINGS -----

      #E2Bed# set EXTOFF=1
      # This drive is the removable type - so don't look for a WINHELPER USB Flash drive
      set NOHELPER=1

    2. What do you think
      set GMODE=800
      means !!!!
      set GMODE=1024

    3. Make sure you don not have \_ISO\mainmenu.jpg or \_ISO\mainmenu.bmp or \_ISO\mainmenu.g4b present.

    4. Make sure jpg is saved using MSPaint - must be in correct JPG format - not progressive and must be 100%.

    5. P.S. Why put payload files on Ptn2 FAT32 ???

      I use:
      PTN1: NTFS E2B + payload files + .imgPTN23 files
      PTN2: agFM FAT32

  2. Xubuntu x64 + persistence works OK. See XUbuntu_persistent.cfg in Alternate Downloads area.