Tuesday 21 January 2020

A1ive grub2 File Manager for E2B v1.1 now available.

The latest version has a few improvements and bug fixes to make it more reliable for booting .WIM files.

I have also added a MEMTEST86 folder so that you can boot to the MemTest86 EFI files whenever you like.

Just extract the files straight to your FAT32 2nd partition to update the old version 1.0 files.

v1.1 1Drive Download link
v1.2 includes UEFI32 support


  1. Greetings! Can I use the .isopersist file extension on the second partition (PTN2) to boot in persistent mode from both partitions (E2B + PTN2_LINUX_MNU.mnu) and (PTN2 + grub2 file manager)?
    At the moment, it is loading well xubuntu (ubuntu.iso) + persistence from the second partition (PTN2) and in (E2B + PTN2_LINUX_MNU.mnu) mode but without persistence mode. Can I change the extension from .iso to .isopersist for the "grub2 File Manager v1.4 (by a1ive)" mode?

    1. See http://www.easy2boot.com/uefi-mbr-a1ive-grub2-file-manager/
      There is an example of an Ubuntu .cfg file with persistence.
      It should work if you change the menu text to .isopersist.

    2. #No spaces in filename
      #Place this .cfg file in the same partition as the .iso file
      #Assumes persistent file is in root of E2B partition
      #ISO file is in \_ISO\LINUX folder

      # Only show menu if 64-bit CPU:
      if [ "$CPU" == "64" ] ; then
      menuentry "Ubuntu 64-bit with persistence" --unrestricted --class ubuntu {
      # WARNING: partnew will write a new partition entry
      set "grubfm_per=(${grubfm_device})/ubuntu-18.04.3-desktop-amd64-rw"
      set "grubfm_file=(${grubfm_device})/_ISO/LINUX/ubuntu-18.04.3-desktop-amd64.isopersist"
      set "grubfm_path=/_ISO/LINUX/ubuntu-18.04.3-desktop-amd64.isopersist"

      if [ ! -e "${grubfm_per}" ] ; then
      echo ERROR ${grubfm_per} does not exist on (${grubfm_device}) ; read ; fi
      if [ ! -e "${grubfm_file}" ] ; then
      echo ERROR ${grubfm_file} does not exist on (${grubfm_device}) ; read ; fi
      if [ ! -e "(${grubfm_device})${grubfm_path}" ] ; then
      echo ERROR (${grubfm_device})${grubfm_path} does not exist on (${grubfm_device}) ; read ; fi

      if ! test -d (${grubfm_disk},4) ; then partnew --type=0x00 --file="${grubfm_per}" (${grubfm_disk}) 4 ; fi
      loopback loop "${grubfm_file}"
      set root=(loop)
      linux (loop)/casper/vmlinuz boot=casper persistent iso-scan/filename=$grubfm_path quiet splash
      initrd (loop)/casper/initrd

      menuentry "Back" {
      grubfm_open "${grubfm_file}"

  2. How can I restore the PTN2 partition (PTN2 + grub2 file manager)? :)

    1. MBR-boot and choose option 0, or use SWITCH_E2B.exe - Restore E2B Partition, or boot to WinPE and run \e2b\SWITCH_E2B.exe.
      Using a separate FAT32 partition is an easier method however - see http://www.easy2boot.com/uefi-mbr-a1ive-grub2-file-manager/

    2. Thanks. But that doesn't help anymore. Now I see through the EaseUS Partition Master PTN1 (NTFS 32Gb), PTN2 (FAT32 44Mb), Unallocated (53Gb). It's all? I damaged PTN2 and should I do it again?

    3. Do you mean you tried SWITCH_E2B.exe - Restore E2B Partitions and it didn't work?

    4. It works well. PTN1 (E2B) works great. But when I switch to the second partition, I see the following files:
      Kaspersky Rescue Disk 10.0\

      When I switch to the grub2_File_Manager_v1_4.imgptn23auto file from the E2B menu, I see only (hd0, msdos2) [EASY2BOOT] and (hd0, msdos1) [GRUB2] in the list of partitions.
      Instead of [EASY2BOOT] I should have [UFO2].

      I normally switch to the grub2_File_Manager_v1_4.imgptn23auto file and back to the E2B menu. But instead of the second partition , I see a partition labeled [EASY2BOOT] (most likely when systemrtescuecd.imgPTN64AUTO could not boot - its label remained). Now I do not know how to restore the second partition of a flash drive with my ISO images. I will probably do the second partition of the flash drive again.
      Thanks for answers. Sorry to disturb you.

    5. When you use the SWITCH_E2B.exe - Restore E2B Partitions button it restores ALL partition table entries back to the original entries - so all your partitions should be as they were. Of course, if you have edited the partitions using Partition Master or some other tool whilst a .imgPTN file has been switched in, you will destroy the partitions.
      It sounds to me like you have used the 'Access Partition 2 on a Removable Drive' button at some point? This swaps PTN1 with PTN2.

    6. I recommend http://www.easy2boot.com/uefi-mbr-a1ive-grub2-file-manager/

    7. Not. I didn't use Partition Master or some other tool when a .imgPTN file has been switched in :)
      "SWITCH_E2B.exe - Restore E2B Partitions button" doesn't restore the second partition. I tried both with the E2B menu and using SWITCH_E2B.exe

      I'm now afraid to just create a second partition (FAT32 + Grub2 Alive Manager) because the Partition Master shows the incorrect layout of the flash drive.
      NTFS (32GB) + FAT32 (44MB) + Unallocated (53.16GB!)
      Well, I have a 64Gb flash drive size. Partition Master shows the size of the flash drive 85.2 GB: - /

      Here is the current disk structure (via PMPrepUSB):
      Disk Signature bytes (1B8h-1BBh) = A0 99 D1 00

      Partition 1 SIZE=32767MiB Type: 07 NTFS\exFAT
      START POS = CYL:0 HD:32 SEC:33 END POS = CYL:1023 HD:254 SEC:63
      START (LBA) = 2,048 (00000800) SIZE (LBA) = 67,106,816 (03FFF800) [End=67,108,863]

      Partition 2 SIZE=43,869MiB Type: 0C FAT32LBA (2047GB max) *ACTIVE*
      START POS = CYL:1023 HD:254 SEC:63 END POS = CYL:1023 HD:254 SEC:63
      START (LBA) = 13,736,352 (00D199A0) SIZE (LBA) = 89,844 (00015EF4) [End=13,826,195]

      Partition 3 SIZE=0MiB Type: 00
      START POS = CYL:0 HD:0 SEC:0 END POS = CYL:0 HD:0 SEC:0
      START (LBA) = 0 (00000000) SIZE (LBA) = 0 (00000000)

      Partition 4 SIZE=0MiB Type: 00
      START POS = CYL:0 HD:0 SEC:0 END POS = CYL:0 HD:0 SEC:0
      START (LBA) = 0 (00000000) SIZE (LBA) = 0 (00000000)

      P1 Start=2,048 (1,048,576 bytes) End=67,108,863 (34,359,737,856 bytes)
      P2 Start=13,736,352 (7,033,012,224 bytes) End=13,826,195 (7,079,011,840 bytes)

      Drive 6 Samsung Flash Drive F/W Rev.=1100 Serial No.= [ bytes = 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 ]
      Reported size 64,160,400,896 bytes (59.7540GiB) Last LBA 125,313,282
      RMPrepUSB Max 64,148,958,720 bytes (59.7433GiB) Last LBA 125,290,934

      Probably have to make the flash drive again. Well, that I was recording algorithm.

    8. No idea what happened then! I suggest yo re-make the E2B drive and follow http://www.easy2boot.com/uefi-mbr-a1ive-grub2-file-manager/