Sunday 29 September 2019

English User Manual for the XJW01 LCR Bridge

I have spent a lot of time testing, experimenting and then writing this User Manual. I hope it is useful to the owners of this very useful XJW01 Bridge which comes in two case styles (as a kit or ready-made).
Type 2 Mains powered

Type 1 for external power source

Many owners have had difficulties with these, mainly because if you press the wrong button you can destroy all the preset calibration values without warning! With one button press, you can also overwrite the factory preset calibration values. This manual explains how to avoid this pitfall and other gotchas!

Once you understand how to use it, it is a very useful piece of kit.

You can now download my PDF manual from here for a modest fee.

The PDF also includes an example front panel template with the correct (or at least more easily understood) button labels.

    Table of Contents
    Specifications 2
      The two types of XJW01 LCR Bridge. 4
        Keypad keys 5
          Hardware. 6
            Power on. 7
              ‘1602’ Screen (16 characters x 2 lines) 7
                ‘2004’ Screen (20 characters x 4 lines) 7
                  Four-line LCD display fields 8
                    Getting started. 8
                      How to press a key (please read this!) 8
                        1. Write down the factory calibration settings 8
                          2. Probe compensation. 10
                            Using the meter 11
                              1. Automatic measurement 11
                                2. L/C/R mode. 11
                                  3. Series-parallel mode. 11
                                    4. Changing the measurement frequency. 12
                                      5. Manual mode (HAND) 12
                                        6. Relative measurements (QTY) 13
                                          7. Calibration mode (Menu+RNG) 14
                                            7.1 The calibration process 15
                                              7.2 Enter the calibration mode. 15
                                                7.3 Setting all 19 calibration values 17
                                                  7.4 Save the settings 19
                                                    7.5 Reset to firmware defaults 20
                                                      Alternative front panel template (Type 1) 21
                                                        Alternative front panel labels (Type 2) 22
                                                          Schematics (may be old) 23
                                                            Type 1 LCR Bridge PCB. 25


                                                            1. Please tell me how to recognize my hardware and firmware versions.
                                                              Regards, Radek.

                                                            2. But I'd like to check it out before I buy the manual. I don't know if it will be useful for my version.

                                                            3. Dear Steve, I'm interested on type 2, the horizontal box, but I not found that type. Where can I buy the type 2? Thank you.

                                                            4. Thanks Steve for your Godsend Manual. Your manual which is well thought out and explains what I need to know to operate my LCR Meter without making any costly mistakes.

                                                            5. This manual is a must have if you have a XJW01 LCR meter, i was stuck on the calibration process but this manual makes the calibration process very clear and easy