Monday 2 September 2019

E2B v1.B6b Beta available

This v1.B6b Beta version has some GPL licensing text files and licensing information added. The E2B download contains some bundled GPL utilities which require me to add these text licence files.

I have added MyPwd.g4b to the Sample mnu Files\E2B folder to show an example of how to prompt for a master password and display different wallpapers. e.g.

1. Displays an 'Enter password' 800x600 wallpaper (the example file just uses an existing E2B background')
2. User types in a password
3. If good, displays the wallpaper you want for the main menu
4. If bad pwd, display an alternate wallpaper (could say 'bad password - please re-enter')
5. If good pwd then display Main menu

You can overwrite the wallpaper with any stamp by adding a splashimage --offset command (use 0x00=opaque or 0x80 for transparent background, e.g.

splashimage --offset=0x00=680=10 /_ISO/pwdOK.bmp

You can thus choose to keep the same background and just display a different small STAMP instead of changing the whole wallpaper. If the STAMPS overwrite each other but are not the same size, you will need to reload the original wallpaper and then apply the STAMP.

# This can be called from MyE2B.cfg or \_ISO\MAINMENU\$$$$CONFIG\$.mnu using  'call /_ISO/MyPwd.g4b'
# copy it to \_ISO folder of E2B drive and then edit it as required

#Example contents for \_ISO\MAINMENU\$$$$CONFIG\$.mnu - only runs once on first Main menu load
#if not exist DONEPWD call /_ISO/mypwd.g4b
#set DONEPWD=1

# 1. Display wallpaper to ask user for password
# 2. Wait for user to enter password (no text prompt on screen - optional)
# 3. If correct password, load a background.bmp.gz - if incorrect, load jolene800 wallpaper and wait for correct pwd

# change wallpapers as required. Can use 800x600 bmp or jpg.

# you can overwrite the wallpaper with any stamp by adding a splashimage --offset command (use 0x00=opaque or 0x80 for transparent backgnd, e.g.
# splashimage --offset=0x00=680=10 /_ISO/pwdOK.bmp

errorcheck off

# set graphics mode to 800x600  may not be needed if calling from a .mnu file
graphicsmode -1 800
# set screen to show bitmap immediately (and any animation if using this in a .mnu file)
call Fn.70 3
# black screen
###splashimage --fill-color=0x000000
# load new bitmap
splashimage /_ISO/docs/Templates/Aliums/Aliums.bmp.gz > nul
###splashimage --offset=0x00=480=60 /_ISO/enterpwd.jpg > nul
# show bitmap
# set keyboard scancodes - example for UK (delete if US)  - set KBD must have been set before this line
if not "%KBD%"=="" call /%grub%/%KBD% > nul

# turn off cursor
call Fn.70 0
# remove '> nul' in next line if you want user to see text password prompt (use password  fred > nul  for an unencrypted password of fred)
# encrypted md5 is for 'easy2boot'

password --md5 $1$1$okAQ3AJUdhqf3TVrwKvJP1 > nul && goto :pok

#user entered bad password!
# don't change next line
call Fn.70 3
#this loads 'wrong pwd' wallpaper
splashimage /_ISO/docs/Templates/Jolene/jolene800.bmp.gz > nul
goto :mpwd


# reset to normal mode after good password (use Fn.70 0 if you want background to be cleared)
call Fn.70 2
#change to MainMenu wallpaper
splashimage /_ISO/e2b/grub/background.bmp.gz > nul

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