Thursday 26 September 2019

E2B v1.B6e with .isoBSD bugfix

James reported a problem when using the .isoBSD file extension with E2B (flashing cursor on boot).

This file extension can be used to boot to FreeBSD and other BSD-based ISOs which are otherwise difficult to multi-boot from.

The .isoBSD file extension actually uses E2B's \_ISO\e2b\grub\bsd.imgptn (fat12 disk image) file together with the original BSD ISO file to create two new partitions on the E2B drive.

The Beta version 1.6Be ('Latest Beta' folder) has a modified version of the bsd.imgptn file which fixes the issue.

If you are interested in more details, visit the thread at


  1. Does any of this RMprepUSB or Easy2Boot actually work, I have been trying for the past 2 days and it nothing happens. I have a laptop which I am going to use to play old games on since Windows 10 wont run them of which they will bring an app out, which you will have to pay for good old Microsoft. All I want to do is install XP and nothing else, so no matter which tools I use or video I follow, nothing happens...

    1. So you want to install a 20-year old Windows operating system on a new laptop?
      Is it surprising that the 20 year old drivers do not work well on a system with new inventions such as new CPUs, new chipsets, HDMI, USB 3, >2TB hard disks, UEFI, GPT, SSD drives, 4k graphics cards, etc. etc.

      I suggest that you install Virtual Box and then install XP to a Virtual Machine (which has a a virtual IDE drive and virtual VGA graphics). You should be able to run your 20 year old games on that.

    2. Thank you for the reply, I know your right, just wanted to try and see what happens ooh well